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Notice (2/19/2019)
We have a Discord now! Feel free to use it to discuss the game, offer suggestions, or squad up.

Updated 9/29/2019 (v1.62)
"Bug fixes and difficulty balancing (again)"

Reverted singleplayer so the squad member count is determined by the selected difficulty. Fixed bug with invincible infected in multiplayer.

Let me know if you experience any issues, or have feedback!

Read about the current state of Control Room here: 


A laboratory conducting human experiments goes into lock down. With rescue on the way, you must learn to monitor the outbreak and communicate with security in order to survive.

Single player - Includes 3 maps and 8 unlockable music tracks.

Multiplayer - Includes 2 maps and 4 unlockable music tracks.

This is the Control Room.

...This is the most secure room in the bunker, so as long as you do your job you should be able to keep us all safe, but if it comes down to it, we have a security pistol for you over here. Again, this should only be used as a last resort. Well, I’ll leave the rest to you, techy. Remember, keep your eyes on the cameras. If you need anything, you can use the intercoms to reach me.

Created by: https://twitter.com/CajjiDev

Music by: https://soundcloud.com/alex-lape-a

Gameplay video by: https://www.twitch.tv/childishaf


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So my friend was using this on linux and the game starts up all fine, music plays, the screens change in the menu but it doesn't react to any inputs and the mouse can only move

Any ideas on how to fix this?


The gunplay could be more satisfying. And aiming down the sights would be cool too. May even an attachment system in ome of the later updates. Nice game!


Does this game support gamepads?

Unfortunately not :(, only mouse and keyboard


is this online

Yep! You'll probably have to play with friends though, it's rare to find a random lobby

very rare


Hey!! I played it and LOVED the concept!! its a great idea.

Something I find really bothering though: it's too difficult to use that big panel since I have to center the camera over many objects and the camera result moving from side to side :(
It would be great if I could touch 'E' to "zoom in" and then use a mouse cursor for that, just a thought.

Keep it up!

Thanks gonzapapa!

I understand what you mean about interacting with the panel, it can be troublesome sometimes. If you hold right-click, you should be able to zoom in and "aim" a bit better. I know it's not exactly what you have in mind, but hopefully it helps a bit!

Glad you enjoy the game :D


Does multiplayer work yet?

Yep, it's always been working!

If you dont see any lobbies, there may be none made, or they may already be in game. Its best to play with friends because the multiplayer isnt as active as other games!


I will try to get some of my streamer friends to play it to increase it's popularity.

Thanks pieandtakoz!

Hope you enjoy the multiplayer :D! if you get confused about "the cure" in multiplayer, I wrote some instructions in the comments below.


Good game! There are some rough edges but that is to be expected early on. A little more detail might help. 9/10. Good game to play for an hour or so. Gonna play a again! :)

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for some reason, when I've started to try to launch the game, a window pops up with a loading bar, but then immediately disappears and nothing happens. Not sure why but I can't seem to launch the game basically.

Hey Mattyw,
Do you mind if I ask what OS you're using? Windows, Mac, or Linux?

There shouldn't be any loading bar when starting the game; does the window say "Extracting"? It could be that you're running the .exe inside of the .zip file instead of extracting the files.

Let me know if this makes sense, if not, I can try walk you through it more!


Truly a masterpiece of an idea. I've played it several times on my pc and it still gives me a horrifying experience.

 If It does come out on Android someday I'll definitely be playing it on my spare time. Please make Android and platform for this game that'll be epic

Deleted 39 days ago

Hey Calypso,

Unfortunately I'm not quite sure why that may be happening :(, but you can try this solution and see if it works for you:


thanks for the help, its just a weird thing on mac where you have to use the app "the unarchiver" instead of the default mac unzipping app, this is the case for most Itch.io games. Well I'll be making a video soon on your game, so be ready for that! :)

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This game was actually pretty fun, although it was a bit lacking in the graphics area. My friend, who was assigned to figure out the cure, couldn't figure out how to heat or cool. If you want to see some genuinely funny horror, I made a video with a friend on the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCFKsuhD8o

LMAO I loved the video! Thanks for playing!

I agree, the graphics can definitely be improved. The cure is also a bit confusing to make, basically you have to use the small devices found in the Control Room near the Cure Computer to change the temperature of the beakers.

Also, you can turn your flashlight on with F!

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Hey CAJJI, is this game still be developed/worked on? Or have you cancled this project. I love the concept and Im all for it, id love to see it continued. 


Hey Soup,

The game isn't cancelled, but it is on hiatus for the time being. I'm currently working on some other projects at the moment while I gain more experience and funding, but Control Room will be much more epic one day :)



This is a relief and I hope to see this game finished in the future.


Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).


how do i make the cure?

Hey h3lp, sorry the instructions aren't super clear LOL

1. Inject an infected's DNA into the cure computer.
2. Gather the needed ingredients and adjust their temperatures.
3. Place the ingredients into the cure computer.
4. Wait for it to mix then take the cure from the bottom slot.

For more detail:
1. Find the injector gun near the cure computer in the Control Room (looks like a pistol, but with a needle on the end)
2. Kill an infected, then approach its corpse and "shoot" it with the injector gun. This might only work on fresh corpses.
3. Go back to the cure computer and "shoot" the square platter on the computer, the one on the right side.
4. The computer will generate a cure and tell you the ingredients needed. The higher the difficulty, the more ingredients needed.
5. The ingredients will be a list of Beakers, such as "Hot Blue Beaker", or "Cold Green Beaker".
6. Start by finding all of the correctly colored Beakers and bring them back to the Control Room.
7. Next you need to make them "Hot" or "Cold". You will find small devices near the cure computer with red and blue buttons.
8. Place a Beaker on the device and press the red button for "Hot", or the blue button for "Cold".
9. Wait until the number on the device reaches the target temperature (100 or -100).
10. Take the beaker and place it into the square slot on the cure computer, the one on the left side.
11. If the beaker is the correct color and temperature, the computer will accept the beaker, otherwise it will reject the beaker.
12. Repeat steps 8 to 10 until all the ingredients are added. You can add them in any order.
13. Once all ingredients are added, the computer will mix the cure. When it's done, pick up the cure and take it with you when you evacuate.


Amazing game, but needs a larger community so you could play multiplayer. Please try to get some youtubers to play this game or something along those lines. I would love to see this game get a good community. Also, needs some graphical polishing, but gameplay is fantastic. 8/10 needs better graphics/larger community.




ty scrubz


It was lagging on my crap pc :( but I hope I could play it.I tried it on my other pc and it was pretty fun but I hope I can play with my brother on the old pc:p


can we play with bot units in multiplayer


Unfortunately not :(. Only in single player.


Bro this game is lit, had a lot of fun playing whit a friend.Even tho i think that its hard even on easy mode. I Just hope you keep updating this game because i love the idea. Keep up the good work bro.



its a really fun game but in the vid my friend controlled my gun



I love this video, especially at 6:30 LMAO. I've never actually seen that bug where another player can control your gun, but it's pretty funny.

Glad you guys like the game, thanks for playing!


10/10 it`s now my favorite game :D


Very good game!, i would love to see more maps implemented into the game. very nice game i hope to see that this game develops and becomes more populated.


Love this game! Plays super great! You went for gameplay first over graphics and I approve! The game runs great, and with multiple people, itends up being super fun. Having one guy assist via a control panel, and the rest scanning the facility for the cure ingredients is just great fun!


I love this game, unique idea and vibe makes it awesome. However, even though everyone claims it is too hard I find it too easy. I have never lost (just once to see what happens) and I have tried every map on insane, I have even tried putting just one assault on each unit. Maybe my strategy is just too OP (can tell some more about it). Anyway it needs optimalisation.

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Edit: The below issue has been fixed with the recent update!

Hey Koczkodan!

I have to agree with you. In the most recent update I adjusted the difficulties so that the player has a full squad regardless of which difficulty setting they choose, but I think this may have thrown off the balance too much. I'm thinking I may revert that design choice to bring back the original difficulty, but I also want to add something new with that update when I have time.

Thank you for playing!!


this game only for big boys


Fun game, cant wait till future updates


Looks hella good, but needs some optimization


wehn ois opdate

pls gimme uptade 


it come soonish S:J


mars rover did it

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Really loved the game, but can you make some different types of infected?

Hey deew,
Thanks! Adding different enemy types is definitely something I'm interested in. You'll most likely see some type of new enemy in the not-so-distant future :)


This is a pretty fun game, I had a blast playing it with a friend for a bit.

Thanks a lot ArguedGlobe, glad you enjoyed!



(1 edit)

Had to delay it a bit, but it'll be out later today :).


Some quick things that may/ may not be changed in the update I hear is happening soon...

First impressions: (Only single player)

Well built atmosphere, it was a little... unnerving.

I liked being able to use weapons, open doors, control units, look at cameras and knock over chairs

I found the learning curve steep, even with the tutorial.

I see a lot of potential here, this game was better than (ah, just about) every horror based game I've played!


1. Sometimes the infected seem to 'glitch' through a closed door.

2. Chairs and other décor objects can be pushed through one another.

3. The game usually froze (for me) after I had picked what type of units I was going in with.


4 Engineers seem stronger than assault. (seem, I might have just gotten lucky)

5. The player could use a nice buff, I felt that I was a bit weak when it came to Hp and speed.

6. The flashlight feels a bit small, but if it goes with the theme, it goes with the theme.

7. The big screen in the control room could be a bit bigger.

8. A timer until rescue as part of the UI, better ammo gages, information of gunshots/ enemies nearby on the UI.

9. Some kind of Hp regen for units/ doors. (Or reparable doors and a medic unit/ item)

10. This is probably the most cliché thing that developers read but... (Here goes nothing...)

-More Maps (Stairs, outdoors) / Units (Medic, Support) / Weapons (Melee, Flamethrower, Tazer, RPG, traps ect.)/ Enemies (Robots, Soldiers) ect.

-Some kind of storyline/ bigger tutorial/ campaign.

-(Décor only) Doors that lead to the outside.

Great Game!

Hey Shadow,
Wow, thanks for the feedback! Those are all really awesome ideas, I definitely agree with most of them and may be able to act on some of them with the upcoming update.  Honestly, I get the "more maps, more weapons, more units" feedback often but I never get tired of hearing it because it reassures me that the game should go in that direction. Plus I like hearing peoples ideas for weapons and stuff, it's interesting. I'd really like to add a narrative/campaign too, that's something I've put a bit of thought into.

If you have any other ideas or anything, feel free to let me know :). Thanks!


get hyped for the update also join the discord below V



Still needs a ton of updates for fixes and cool stuff added to the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi jzachattack,

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to address a lot of the bugs and issues with an update I'm currently working on. There's a lot of cool features and content planned but not yet developed as I'm currently attempting to fund the game. If you have any suggestions feel free to visit the Discord server! Thanks a lot for playing :)!


Thanks for responding to my comment.




my heart is big and my eyes are warm


do an update th0t


This game is sick! Me and my friends are having a ton of fun with it!

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