Update v1.62

Update v1.62 (5/2/2019)   "Bug fixes and difficulty balancing (again)"

-Single player squad count depends on difficulty again
-Fixed invincible infected bug in multiplayer
-Added loading screen when returning to menu
-Removed "Return to Room" option from multiplayer

The State of Control Room

Hey! I'm amazed by the positive and long-last reception that Control Room has gotten since its release. It's a project that I created while juggling school and work because it was something that I was super excited to work on- and that excitement still exists! However, because I'm currently working full time and trying to find ways to support myself financially, I cannot afford to spend time on Control Room at this moment. In fact, when I do get around to adding major Control Room content, I've decided that I want to restart development and create something much, much better. While I do think Control Room is a great game, it was developed when I was much less experienced as a developer, especially now that I've gained professional experience in my field. I decided to release this update to celebrate reaching 200 itch followers and to show my appreciation to those who have been supporting me! I was hoping to add more with this update, but it became too much effort to implement into the game's existing framework.

To make things short, I haven't had the time to update Control Room lately, but I do have plans to take it up a couple hundred steps when I do. It'll just require a lot of time and effort. Thank you to everyone who enjoys the game and those who have stuck around for updates!


ControlRoom_v1.62.zip 58 MB
Sep 24, 2019
ControlRoom_v1.62_Linux.zip 67 MB
Sep 24, 2019
ControlRoom_v1.62_OSX.zip 64 MB
Sep 24, 2019

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I'm sad to hear that you wont be updating Control Room anytime soon, but I completely understand the reason why you won't. Good luck with your career, and I'll be waiting ever patiently for you to return, But don't feel rushed to do so.


Thanks a lot ctsoccer! I may not be releasing an update any time soon, but expect something much bigger and better in the future :)