Patch notes

This post has been discontinued. Patch notes are now posted independently.

Update v1.5 (9/3/2018)
"Bug fixes"

-Fixed spectating bug after escaping in multiplayer
-Fixed tutorial not working in 1.4
-Fixed transmission bug in Sanction
-Fixed pistol ammo inconsistency on multiplayer

Update v1.4 (8/31/2018)
"Online multiplayer!"

-Added multiplayer mode
-New map and content added for multiplayer
-Minor tweaks to in-game experience
-Mac build now available

Update v1.3 (6/12/2018)

-Player now has health based on difficulty
-Can now hold left-click to shoot
-Increased infected health
-Infected no longer ignore characters when attacking doors
-Audio softens when killed
-Still working on Mac build and multiplayer. Coming soon.

Update v1.2 (6/9/2018)
"Slight optimization"

-Optimized metal particle system usage
-Added analytics

Update v1.1 (6/9/2018)

-Decreased infected health
-Increased soldier health
-Soldiers will no longer shoot through infected when too close
-Optimization to soldier detection
-Ammo is now visible when holding weapon
-End game stats now show when killed

Stay tuned for more, bigger updates.

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