Update v1.6

Update v1.61 (5/2/2019) 
"Bug fixes and difficulty balancing"

-All singleplayer difficulties now allow 4 soldiers per unit
-Increased infected base stats
-Reduced infected stat multiplier based on difficulty
-Increased infected detection radius
-Increased shotgun and pistol damage
-Increased player movement speed
-Removed player starting movement momentum
-Improved flashlight
-Fixed aiming bug
-Fixed bug where infected would stop at open doors

Update v1.6 (5/1/2019)
"New map, optimization, improved gunplay, difficulty rework"

Focused Features:
The main purpose of the update was to improve existing features and issues, as well as adding more content to multiplayer.

-Added new multiplayer map "Crest"
-2 new unlockable tracks
-(multiplayer)Added nametags 
-(multiplayer)Added in-game player list
-(multiplayer)Games in progress are now displayed in the lobby rather than hidden
-Improved flashlights
-Various bug fixes in singleplayer and multiplayer
-Improved gunplay and combat
-Reworked difficulty
-Major optimization

Gunplay and Combat
More focus was put on the gun mechanics due to its importance at higher difficulties. Combat between AIs is also improved for more intense battles.

-Overall gun accuracy improved
-Added reloading and ammo boxes
-Added recoil
-Improved muzzle flash
-Damage on allies no longer stacks when multiple limbs are hit by single attack
-Rebalanced gun clip sizes
-Soldier AI improved

Difficulty Rework
Difficulty has been redesigned to increase the gap between Easy and Insane. Infected stats and spawn rates are now affected by difficulty. Multiplayer is now also affected by difficulty and player count.

-Overall buff to infected
-Adjusts infected health and damage based on difficulty
-Adjusts infected spawn amount based on difficulty
-(Multiplayer)Adjusts infected spawn amount based difficulty and player count
-(Multiplayer)Adjusts cure ingredients based on difficulty

Optimization and Settings
Major changes were made to significantly improve the game's performance on lower end computers and accessibility.

-Significantly improved occlusion culling
-Optimized particles and audio
-Optimized AI
-Improved multiplayer synchronization
-Added Post Processing settings
-Added Motion Blur settings
-Added Volume settings


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May 01, 2019
ControlRoom_v1.6_Linux.zip 66 MB
May 01, 2019
ControlRoom_v1.6_OSX.zip 64 MB
May 01, 2019

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