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I was difficult to control myself when playing this game, highly addictive comes to mind.

I don't really play strategy games and know I why but Control Room was something else, funny, scary and like I said just above, HIGHLY addictive.

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it DrRemarkable :). Maybe one day you will be able to build a house.


I hope so, it's been my life long dream since playing your game. 


Cajji I hope you can make it so you can play it on the mac (I really want to play it!)

That's something I thought about, but couldn't test when I first released the game.  I'll see what I can do and release a Mac build ASAP. Thanks Guusco!

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You should be able to hold the left mouse button down and continuously fire without having to press the mouse button again, also you should have more health this way you can fight.

Noted; will definitely include in the next update :). Thanks for the feedback!

It says it cant run on my pc. Why is that?


ok nevermind! got it working.

There should be more graphic options because my pc runs like a potato

Would definitely like to make it as accessible as possible! Do you have the lighting and character quality set to low? And is it consistently lagging, or only at some parts?


I set everything to low and only in some parts of the map causes lag

Hmm, I'll definitely have to look into that. Thanks!


Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing StepVibes! The music was actually made by a friend of mine with his soundcloud in the description if you wanna hear more LOL. Sorry you didn't like the gameplay as much, but the video was still very entertaining!


A great idea and a good implementation too. Especially the control panel was easy to use and generally the controls are all well. The atmosphere is really chilling, like when you hear gunshots from other rooms.

I'd like to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for the invite, I'll check it out!

Alright, thanks for your interest!



i thought this game was awesome but terrifying!! the sounds they make when running and breaking through doors! this was great! the squads should of protected me but they failed XD i should of protected them but i failed XD other than that, really amazing game! great job on creating this!

Thanks a lot Jay! Great video, glad you liked it and found it terrifying LOL. It's a hard game, but once you get the hang of it even Insane is possible ;).


Your game is awesome! Very well made, very challenging. I'd love to see other types of units for both the soldiers and the monsters, as well as some issues to fix other than just transmission, but this game is amazing and I love it. Can't wait to see what you do next! 

And now a video to show you how it went for me! 


Thanks a lot NathanBlake! I noticed you had unlocked the Fallen track, congrats on the win ;). Having other soldiers, monsters, and issues would certainly be a cool idea, I'll definitely see what I can whip up. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Yeah While testing I beat an easy mode and then never had so much luck again! haha! I really do love your game and I'm excited to see where it goes.  I have a generally good eye for what has potential to make it bigger and the potential is here! Just have to get the word out there!


I like the idea that the game runs on, but I feel like the 4 ai squads dies way to fast. It'll be helpful to bump the damage they put out just a tiny bit. Barring that, push their hp up more. Or you can put in another terminal that allows you to upgrade your ai squads based on how long they survived. In any case, this game it's really interesting and I wanna see more on this.

Thanks, Levont! Great video and really appreciate the feedback! Those are some good suggestions and will be worked into the next update :).


This Game Is AWESOME...Great Job

Awesome video EyeDisconnected, really glad you liked it! You did actually play it as it was intended :). Even though there's an objective, the game is designed to be played in whatever way the player finds most fun- kinda like obeying traffic laws in GTA.


Really cool game. I love horror style games when you have a squad. The graphics are solid and it's got a very intense atmosphere. One thing i would change is how the A.I shoots. i had it where everyone firing at one enemy couldn't kill him till he killed a guy.

That was awesome LOL. Glad you were able to win and unlock a track! I got worried when you were down to the last 30 seconds or so. The soldiers being bad shots is definitely a comment I get a lot, so I'll try make them a bit smarter in the next update ;). Thanks for playing ProofreadFire!


I think I'm just bad at the game, but I want to think it's just hard. I really like the concept of ordering squads around, but we got slaughtered every time. There did seem to be an occasional issue where friendly ai couldn't hit the enemy ai because they were too close, but I don't have enough footage to confirm. My one real piece of feedback would be to consider adding some more of the horror vibe. The dark hallways during bunker shutdown are really creepy, it'd be awesome to see more if that atmosphere.


Hey CoalFire,
Really liked the Let's Play! It's always fun to hear when people enjoy the game. It's true, the game is very hard- probably too hard at the moment. I really appreciate your feedback, critiques and suggestions. The game, while considered to be complete, is also in a very basic form and has a lot of room for improvement. As such, your feedback will be used to guide the development of future updates :).

Always happy to hear the feedback is of use!

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