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I love this game, unique idea and vibe makes it awesome. However, even though everyone claims it is too hard I find it too easy. I have never lost (just once to see what happens) and I have tried every map on insane, I have even tried putting just one assault on each unit. Maybe my strategy is just too OP (can tell some more about it). Anyway it needs optimalisation.

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Edit: The below issue has been fixed with the recent update!

Hey Koczkodan!

I have to agree with you. In the most recent update I adjusted the difficulties so that the player has a full squad regardless of which difficulty setting they choose, but I think this may have thrown off the balance too much. I'm thinking I may revert that design choice to bring back the original difficulty, but I also want to add something new with that update when I have time.

Thank you for playing!!


this game only for big boys


Fun game, cant wait till future updates


Looks hella good, but needs some optimization


wehn ois opdate

pls gimme uptade 


it come soonish S:J


mars rover did it

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Really loved the game, but can you make some different types of infected?

Hey deew,
Thanks! Adding different enemy types is definitely something I'm interested in. You'll most likely see some type of new enemy in the not-so-distant future :)


This is a pretty fun game, I had a blast playing it with a friend for a bit.

Thanks a lot ArguedGlobe, glad you enjoyed!



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Had to delay it a bit, but it'll be out later today :).


Some quick things that may/ may not be changed in the update I hear is happening soon...

First impressions: (Only single player)

Well built atmosphere, it was a little... unnerving.

I liked being able to use weapons, open doors, control units, look at cameras and knock over chairs

I found the learning curve steep, even with the tutorial.

I see a lot of potential here, this game was better than (ah, just about) every horror based game I've played!


1. Sometimes the infected seem to 'glitch' through a closed door.

2. Chairs and other décor objects can be pushed through one another.

3. The game usually froze (for me) after I had picked what type of units I was going in with.


4 Engineers seem stronger than assault. (seem, I might have just gotten lucky)

5. The player could use a nice buff, I felt that I was a bit weak when it came to Hp and speed.

6. The flashlight feels a bit small, but if it goes with the theme, it goes with the theme.

7. The big screen in the control room could be a bit bigger.

8. A timer until rescue as part of the UI, better ammo gages, information of gunshots/ enemies nearby on the UI.

9. Some kind of Hp regen for units/ doors. (Or reparable doors and a medic unit/ item)

10. This is probably the most cliché thing that developers read but... (Here goes nothing...)

-More Maps (Stairs, outdoors) / Units (Medic, Support) / Weapons (Melee, Flamethrower, Tazer, RPG, traps ect.)/ Enemies (Robots, Soldiers) ect.

-Some kind of storyline/ bigger tutorial/ campaign.

-(Décor only) Doors that lead to the outside.

Great Game!

Hey Shadow,
Wow, thanks for the feedback! Those are all really awesome ideas, I definitely agree with most of them and may be able to act on some of them with the upcoming update.  Honestly, I get the "more maps, more weapons, more units" feedback often but I never get tired of hearing it because it reassures me that the game should go in that direction. Plus I like hearing peoples ideas for weapons and stuff, it's interesting. I'd really like to add a narrative/campaign too, that's something I've put a bit of thought into.

If you have any other ideas or anything, feel free to let me know :). Thanks!


get hyped for the update also join the discord below V


Still needs a ton of updates for fixes and cool stuff added to the game.

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Hi jzachattack,

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to address a lot of the bugs and issues with an update I'm currently working on. There's a lot of cool features and content planned but not yet developed as I'm currently attempting to fund the game. If you have any suggestions feel free to visit the Discord server! Thanks a lot for playing :)!


Thanks for responding to my comment.




my heart is big and my eyes are warm


do an update th0t


This game is sick! Me and my friends are having a ton of fun with it!

Join the discord or die heathens


i wish i had my old computer so i can go back to 5 fps fun


lol 5'5 gl on game looks fun


I made this account only to say how good of a game this is! I'm absolutely obsessed with Control Room! Honestly Cajji, this is amazing! I do have one question- Is there an official Discord for the game? I'd love to find more people to play with. Your game is amazing, and keep up the great work.

Hey Anakin, that's super awesome to hear! I had honestly been considering making a Discord server, but was worried the game might not warrant it- but after your comment, I've decided to create one and link in the description :).

Thanks again for the kind words, I appreciate it!


can someone play with me


What are the system requirements? 

Hey Overkill! Sorry about the late response. I haven't figured out definitive system requirements, but you should be fine with a decent video card. You can also turn down the quality settings from the main menu- if you're playing online I recommend leaving lighting quality on high.


singleplayer and multiplayer ?

Yep, when you open the game if you click "Play" you enter single player, and if you click "Multiplayer" you enter online.


Amzing game. I love it. but it freezes and crashes alot.


i never experienced crashing or freezing but might just be your computer or something as you need a premium toaster to play it

Thanks a lot MasterGamer! I'm not sure what might be causing the freezing and crashing- I have experienced some issues myself though. I hope it doesn't make things to difficult for you to play, but if it does let me know :).


you still playing waiting?


I need a groupppppp

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Merry early Christmas boys

Merry Christmas bois


Christmas update? Make everything holiday themed?

Heh, I thought about it but it'd probably take away from the spookiness.


Doesn't have to be scary on Christmas

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My MacOS High Sierra was having a lot of difficulty playing. I was lagging just by opening the game and I could barely move when I hit "Play." (It was kind of fun tho because I had to survive with 1-3 fps!) My Mac book is a Late 2009 with a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB Graphics and I really would like to play this game lag free. Could you try to make the game less laggy so I can play? If you could that would be Great.

     -A Sheep

                    Edit: Is the Multiplayer limited to the operating system you use or is a Cross-platform?

Hey Sheep!
Optimization is definitely an issue with the game, even good PCs might have fps drops. I haven't had much time to work on the game lately, but am hoping to one day fix these issues :). You should be able to play multiplayer cross-platform, although I haven't tested it myself.

Thanks for playing!



  I hope you can update the game soon, and if it is cross platform that would be great. That's all!


This game is amazing and freaky. I am still figuring out the mechanics of it all. This game, has huge potential. It already is fun as heck. I can't help but notice that the zombies take similarity's to the Zombies in I Am Legend. Very fun game, keep up the amazing work.

Thanks a lot Beorn! I can see the similarity now that you mention it LOL

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what a fun suspenseful game!!! i wish my engineers worked i find im going out doing all the work! Also need a way to refill ammo once i run out that's it! need to be able to make or get more somehow so game can go on!

Thanks for the feedback, matrix!

For the Engineers, you'll have to direct them towards broken transmissions and they should take care of the rest, although they could probably be a bit smarter. I've gotten complaints about not being able to replenish ammo from friends as well, so I may be releasing an update in the future to address this. Thanks for playing :)!


somoene join meeee


Norton security online says that the game is high risk, this might be a problem.

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The game is safe, but Norton is right to warn you because the game does access the internet for patch notes.

Thanks for the heads up, ikeikeeng!


When are we going to see new multiplayer maps soon?

Hey Scrubz!
I haven't been working on Control Room lately because it hasn't been getting as much attention as it did when it first released. If enough people were interested I'd certainly be willing to add more maps, but at the moment it seems I'm better off trying to release other projects I have on the go.



The tutorial is broken in 1.4 version and the multiplayer breaks when 1 person escapes

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Ah shit, good catch. Do you happen to remember what happened when 1 person escaped? It's hard for me to test because my playtest buddy is on vacation :(.

Edit: Think I might have caught it. Looks like spectating is messing up? Looking into it now.


Hey CAJI, its been a while since an update and i was just wondering how things are coming along? Are you making new maps? Are you hard at work on multiplayer? Maybe new units?

Its just i really want to see how this game progresses but there's been nothing to update me on the situation so i'd be cool if you responded. Anyway hope progress is going well and i hope to read from you soon.


Hey ct, it's both surprising and awesome to hear that you've been waiting for updates! I meant to release the multiplayer update last week but had to post-pone it due to a short vacation. Currently I'm just sorting out some bugs but am hoping to have the multiplayer update released tomorrow :)!

I don't expect the multiplayer lobby to be very active, but hopefully it'll provide a fun experience for those that wanna play with a group of friends at the very least. From what I've managed to playtest with a friend, I've certainly found it to be quite fun.


Cool, cant wait for the update to come out to play with other people online.



Had fun with this one! Curious to see how you'd implement multiplayer, there may not be enough content to warrant it yet. But the game was well done, loved the sound design especially, and the simplicity of the core mechanics. Needing to repair the transmission to continue the countdown is a smart way to break up the monotony.

Shooting wasn't so great, but my main issue was how small the cameras were to click on. Also the responsiveness of the units since they would sometimes not go to the location unless I was clicking exactly on a precise spot. Would love to see a little more wiggle room with the clickable area. Tons that could be expanded here, but don't add too much. A part of its charm is that it isn't cluttered. Will probably go back and play it to see how it ends when you win since I didn't have time. Good job!

LOL, awesome video tenchfroast. Thanks for playing!
Really appreciate the thorough feedback! For multiplayer I've added a couple extra things to do around the lab so there'll be more purpose for each player; planning to have that released before the end of August :). I hope to add more content and polish to the single player, but have been putting my efforts towards the multiplayer update at the moment. Thanks again!


I enjoyed a different look on horror. Having to focus on strategy while having a horror aspect is interesting. The music and, sounds were great. The theme tied in well. The only thing I would have to say needs work is the tutorial of how to play and, what would be best for a "newbie" winning condition. Like lets say so many engineers vs so many assault would be good so a player can pick up on how to win or, survive better. I think the tutorial wasn't the easiest to understand. It's a great game though!

Thanks for playing Raithias! The tutorial could definitely be better, I've seen some people have a bit of difficulty understanding it- but I also didn't want winning to be as obvious on the first try, that way the player is able to experiment and strategize over a few tries :).


already creepy af

but it could have some more levels 

Thanks Moroneer! Hmm, it wouldn't be too much work for me to create some new map layouts, although they would have to be in the lab until I have time to create more environment assets :O.


9/10 game

This game is great and the atmosphere made while playing in the dark is a bit scary.

I like how you have squads you can control to take care of the SCP's. I love how when the monsters attack the electrical room, everything goes dark, and that really gets my heart going during the game.

this game is great but I have a few complaints.

1) not enough maps

2) engineer is op and assault is under-powered, it'd be nice for it do be more balanced

3) no multiplayer. (i dont blame you for that considering that multiplayer is probably hard to implement)

When you do add multiplayer it would be cool to have a 4 man lobby each person with his/her own squad. And it would also be nice if you could find a way to make the multiplayer a little more global, instead of local. (just throwing out some ideas i had)

anyway i love this game and cant wait for what your'll add in the future.


Thanks! Really glad to hear you enjoy the game :). I had a lot of ideas for more maps with vastly different environments and experiences, but because I'm solo developing and currently enrolled in my co-op term, I only have a few hours per day to work on the game :(.

However, I am currently working on multiplayer that will have a lot more side objectives in a larger map and can be played by 2-16 players per room. You can choose to join random rooms or create password protected rooms if you'd like to try beat it with your buddies. It's hard to predict when it'll be done, but I've made a lot of progress on it and am trying to release it as soon as I can (before people lose interest lol).

Thanks a lot for the feedback too! I try to release updates while I work on multiplayer, so I'll at least have the soldiers balanced by the next update :).



SECURE THE JUICE! Really glad to see how much fun you had with the game, Oracle! I especially liked 16:08 ;).

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