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A good start, I really like that you can upgrade buildings and I hope there will be relationship improvements as you talk and do missions for other villagers. :)


Thanks a lot Cryptic Hybrid, it was fun watching you explore the game and figuring everything out! Thanks for playing!


I have questions about the boars... and the monster



I am very excited about future updates for this game. The writing for the characters is fun and fresh, they have very distinct personalities. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot Slemhosta! Glad you enjoy it!


Is there any way that you make this game playable with a track pad? 

Hey Jimii,
Do you mean like a laptop track pad? It should work- unless you're having issues with left and right clicking for the bow.

Yes I am sadly having problems with left and right clicking. ^^'


Really had fun with this game! I installed it fairly recently, but it may not have been the latest update, so there may be things I commented on that have been tweaked since I played. Either way, I love the artwork and the overall vibes of the game! 

I do hope there will be more buildings or ways to interact with them if you can implement it, like being able to customize tents the same way you can customize masks, or the villagers being able to physically sit at the eatery like they can on the benches and have food on the table. Also would love to see more inventory slots and animal varieties, like chickens.

Regardless, great job on the demo and good luck with the full game!

Thanks a lot for the feedback tenchfroast! Always love seeing your videos :).


Lil Tribals was EPIC! My video was a tad on the quieter side but this game was amazing. It has amazing art that sets it apart from other games. It controls nicely, It took me a bit to get comfortable with the all of the controls but once I did it was smooth sailing. I love what you guys have done and cant wait to see more!

That was awesome! Really glad you enjoyed the game, Captain! 


I really love this game and can't wait for the full version but I was wondering if there was a way to erase mistakes when painting your mask without having to start over all together?

Hey nissaito,
At the moment there's no undo for mask painting, but I'll see what I can do to add it to the next update! Thanks a lot for playing, glad you enjoyed :)


Hello I have a bug! When a villager was hungry I tried to give them food but they keep saying; "No thank you". Then they keep continuing saying "I'm hungry.."! I think this is a bug.. If so, please fix it.

Hey Duckie,
Thanks for letting us know, we'll have that fixed ASAP! Thanks for playing!

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Also I have a question! When a bug is fixed or when a update occurs, do I have reinstall the game?  Also can you add an option to change your gender/mask?

Unfortunately you'll have to download the game every time we update the game. I'll be looking into ways around this in the future though!

At the moment we like to consider all the characters to be genderless, but we may add more character customization options to allow for more self-expression and gender identity :)


Yes sir! I hope other people can support you! :3

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Kind of dissapointed tbh. As soon as I finish the tutorial,  Jamu immediately starts ragging on me and it doesn't change, even when I upgrade everything and have tons of food stocked. I even try giving gifts and talking with the villagers, yet they get pissy right away. Am I doing something wrong? Them yelling at me every couple of seconds and having them throw stuff around is troubling.

Edit: Works now (lol)! Really cute, and fun!

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Hi Melodi!
We've been hearing this is happening to quite a few people, but it is definitely not intended. We're looking into it and will hopefully be fixing it very soon. Sorry Jamu is being so rude :( but thanks for playing!

Edit: Should be fixed now!


Great start to what is going to be a fun game! Love the edition of personalizing your own mask, would be great if you could have different animal head shapes! Love the demo and can't wait for the finished product!

Thanks a lot GooseFat!
We considered letting the player have different animal head shapes at one point- maybe we'll bring it back :O. Really glad you enjoyed it, we hope to update it more soon :)!


Loved the artstyle, masks and would love to play this when theres more. So excited!

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