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Notice (01/26/2020)
Added a Linux and Mac download, however they only support mouse and keyboard at the moment. Let us know if you experience any issues!

Feel free to use the Discord to discuss the game, offer suggestions, or chat with others!

Update v0.3 (9/29/2019)
Added a save system!

Read about the current state of Lil Tribals here:


After disaster struck the surrounding villages, the tribes were left without homes and searching for shelter. While searching for a new home, Bumi and Jamu discover a deserted campsite. Instead of leaving, they decide to start a new village, welcoming all the villagers without homes. It will take a lot of work, but maybe one day their little village will become something great.

A 3rd person village management game with city building, survival, and social elements. The game is currently in alpha, but provides the player with the core concepts:

  • Paint your mask!
  • Layout and build your village!
  • Recruit a variety of unique villagers and assign them roles!
  • Watch your villagers form relationships and engage in special events!

Supports keyboard and mouse, but XBox controller is preferred.

Let us know if you experience any issues or have feedback.

Created by:
Jesse Toyota
Jenny Luu
Shirley Tong

Follow us at: https://twitter.com/time_nappy

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(146 total ratings)
AuthorsCAJJI, JenJen
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Casual, Character Customization, City Builder, Cute, Low-poly, Management, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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LilTribals_v0.3.zip 30 MB
LilTribals_v0.3_Linux.zip 53 MB
LilTribals_v0.3_OSX.zip 37 MB

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so cute! cant wait for the full version to come out!! :3


Same! I played this back in 2019. It feels like the developers gave up on it sadly.


I had contacted them on twitter a while back :3

Me: "hiiiii! I just played your game lil tribals :3 I was wondering if you dropped the project or are still continuing with it? its a super cute and fun game i would love to see more of it tbh"

The creator: "Thank you! Unfortunately it's on an indefinite hiatus at the moment. It's something I'd like to work on again but don't have the time :("

(SO even tho its been a whwile im sure theyll work on it again soon when they hopefully have the time :D)

Has anyone else had issues trying to play this on Mac?

Gave this game a shot! Was a lot of fun even though I was terrible. I uploaded a commentated part below:

i cant download it

  • i dont have a mouse and this is hard..

hey can I ask you a question can you make this game compatible with android devices like a TCL phone or a RCA tablet please and thank you


So far I like the game, I play on Mac but ended up downloading an app to play the windows version. I see this is kinda indefinitely paused but, the Mac version doesn't work and the characters on the windows version aren't showing. I can only see the masks. Pretty sure I won't get a response but just in case anyone who wants to play runs into issues, this is what I ran into. Side note: You guys did a great job and maybe you should try promoting it on TikTok? Don't give up! it's a great game and you'll get what you want for it!



great game! really hoping you guys pick it back up again

Its unlikely they will pick it back up I think. I know on their discord they "almost" sold it. But the wanted like 15-30k for it. They were only offered 3k.


A super cute game! Sad that there hasn't really been any big updates for ages. I have only one thing to bring up, that would be good for later improvements of the game.

   While playing the game, it was hard to tell who is doing what, and i could end up leaving one or two characters without a job constantly. If this game is continued, I think it would be pretty good if you added another thing to look at on the billboard, that being a job tracker, so you can see who's doing what, maybe even allowing you to assign jobs while looking through the billboard.

 Except for that, it was a wonderful game, with cute graphics and a nice cozy vibe. Hope that its continued!!

Its hard to play on mac.

Could you put the option to change the language
 from English to Spanish? It would be a little easier
 for me when playing this wonderful game <3


I don't know if this is a bug or not- but I accepted a quest from a villager, and now I can't interact with them. Period. 

It's Tobi by the way and everyone hates him.


This was a cute little game that has been started here, sadly looks like there was not been an update in two years.


:3 when the next version???


This game is adorable and I'm excited for future updates !!


I am so excited for the full version, this game is going to be amazing


I love this game . The little details really pull it all together. I like how they all have their own personalities. The art style is also so cute and fun I could honestly play this game for hours. Its a fun challenge to take care of your own village. Also being able to add your own touch by creating the mask made the game more personalized. So fun!! I am so excited for the full version.

tried to open the game on windows and it said i don't have the requirements needed to play.


So I made an Spanish video about this game,I really like it, its kinda sad that has not more updates.

(1 edit)

impossible to play. i see the configuration windows but there's no way to start. cannot resize the height of the window so if the button to start is low i cannot click it.


I tried downloading on Mac but I can't open it, I don't understand how to extract files because English is not my first language and there's no zip file?? what do I do?

Archive Utility (the default tool) is terrible for itch.io games. I recommend downloading "The Unarchiver," which isn't perfect but is like 10x more likely to work.


One of my favourite games! 


There's nothing more depressing than enjoying a demo with an indefinite hiatus... this is reallyyy good, im hoping it can be continued. It's a game worth paying as well.


I still can't get pver this T_T


still cant get over it 馃槶

mood fr ;0;


I like how you added their reaction to being attacked by the player! Quite thoughtful.


cant wait for it to be finished its a very good little game


game is on indefinite hiatus


such a good game! i am so excited to see the finished product!

i don't have a mouse and was wondering how bow mechanics work with just a laptop

hey i payed 2 dollars and the game wont even loaded

did you extract the files?


This demo is stunning! I can't wait to play the full release.

Although, I noticed it hasn't been updated in quite a long time and the Nappy Time Twitter is inactive. Is this game on a hiatus or has it ceased development..?

Hi Sen,

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo! Unfortunately the game is currently on an indefinite hiatus :(


Oh, that's sad to hear! I was so looking forward to playing more. This game has some really big potential.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope your journey is well!


that's sad... I really enjoyed it and wanted to keep playing after the objectives, but after building, upgrading & filling every storage up and listening to stories there's not much more to do, it's just too short right now :(


This game is so cute ! I can't wait for updates ! ^^

But I didn't manage to run, so walking was a pain :')


Amazing game, super captivating, creative and fun, congratulations on making it and would love to pay for more content.


It's just a demo but I'm already IN LOVE!! <3  And I can tell from the dialogues that there will probably be a deeper lore in the future... Here are a few bugs I've encountered though and some suggestions:

- My first playthrough, a bug happened where you go through a conversation state but there is no dialogue resulting in you getting stuck there. I had to restart my game but it's no big deal, I wanted to do that anyway...
- Second Playthrough, I made my character name to "Akwi". I played, finished the tasks, played some more and saved. When I came back the next day to continue playing, my character name was referred as "Duck" by the villagers and the bulletin.

- Be able to aim bow while moving

Those are just the suggestions I can think of right now because I'm pretty sure you already have many great plans for this game in the future! Keep up the awesome work devs! <3


i just downloaded this for my macbook air and everytime i try and open it, it just says "Lil Tribals can't be opened." :((( was really excited to play this game

If you're using Archive Utility (the default for Macs), use The Unarchiver instead. It's like 10x better not even joking.


i played this game and i love it, but  when the villagers are hungry i cant feed them(? i give to all the villagers some meat but they dont stop complaining about food, they dont work, they dont do anything:((


This little demo is so nice and pleasant. Runs well on linux as that is the system i use. I do suggest adding a quit game option either in the in-game menu or on the main screen because quit just takes me to the main menu to start a new tribe (or ig load if i had saved anything lol). I love the little interactions between the villagers. RN i would just love to see extra buildings or allow us to build multiple of the same thing to continue the game more. Also roads and maybe a way to tame the boar to use them as beasts of burden or something. All in all tho great demo.


I love this game so much, such a cutie game. Hopefully soon the full game will come.




I didn't know this was just a demo but it's absolutely adorable, i really liked it and i hope to play a full version sometime.
My only complain is that the lil characters walk too slow, but besides that everything else is great !


had a lot of fun playing the demo and im def looking forward to whatever else you add to the game :). it was very soothing and i loved the sound effects.

(1 edit) (+3)

So cute, can't wait for the update. I'm not sure to what extent the lil' tribal's personalities play in the game, but I'm hoping they end up affecting the culture of the tribe. 

P.S. the lil' tribals are SO CUTE

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