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Notice (2/19/2019)
Feel free to use the Discord to discuss the game, offer suggestions, or chat with others!

Update v0.3 (9/29/2019)
Added a save system!

Read about the current state of Lil Tribals here:


After disaster struck the surrounding villages, the tribes were left without homes and searching for shelter. While searching for a new home, Bumi and Jamu discover a deserted campsite. Instead of leaving, they decide to start a new village, welcoming all the villagers without homes. It will take a lot of work, but maybe one day their little village will become something great.

A 3rd person village management game with city building, survival, and social elements. The game is currently in alpha, but provides the player with the core concepts:

  • Paint your mask!
  • Layout and build your village!
  • Recruit a variety of unique villagers and assign them roles!
  • Watch your villagers form relationships and engage in special events!

Supports keyboard and mouse, but XBox controller is preferred.

Let us know if you experience any issues or have feedback.

Created by:
Jesse Toyota
Jenny Luu
Shirley Tong

Follow us at: https://twitter.com/time_nappy


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will there be a mac version made? :0


Great! I definitely wanna play more.


I love it!! Was there any funding or anything I can do to help out cause I wanna play more of this

Hey kill-vearn!

Unfortunately we don't have a source of funding at the moment and have put the game on hold for now, but are hoping to return to it soon!


Absolutely loved playing that short demo :D  Can't wait to see how this progresses. 


This game is gold I love it


This is great Cajji! I wish I could friggin get everthing back on discord to put this in ur server but I can't cuz I'm locked out :L But good job its really amazing tbh

Thanks Akumi! Hopefully you can figure out how to get back into your Discord :(


This is adorable! I love it a lot! One thing I did notice, while playing on pc I had a hard time exiting the game once I finished. Esc didn't work and there was no exit options. Just something I noticed. Over all, wonderful game and I can't wait for it to be done! 

(2 edits) (+1)

I found a bug!

So i was interacting with the elephant dude (forgot his name) and he said he was mad at someone so i told him it wasn't worth it. Then, he got stuck just shaking his head. Paused+unpaused did nothing, neither did spacebar. I exited and re-entered the game and lost all progress. It's an awesome game though! Maybe add a save button?

edit: spelling mistakes


Thanks for letting us know Nebulaxx!

We just added a save system! While we haven't been able to figure out the source of this specific bug yet, being able to save and load your game should help work around this.


I love this game! I can't wait to see where it goes!!


sorry to comment again so soon but i noticed a bug. If a villager is holding a berry sometimes they wont do anything. They wont work or eat. I think it is when the berry bucket is full. they will just stand there complaining about food. Even if the rack is full, until i trade them a bunch of cooked meat.


I love this, it's so cute! I actually feel like a villager. I love how each villager has their own personality and they form relationships with each other. It feels like an actual village with a beautiful art style. I love that i can paint my mask, I just wish i could change the animal that my mask is. Even if the animal does not change though, I still can't wait to play more! Thank-you for your hard work! I an excited for the full game!


Omg I can't wait until the next update o.e


I loved it. It's cute. Its fun. it have a nice art style. I cant wait to see it develop more. 


Very interested in what comes out of this, so fun and very cute


Hi, I loved this demo.  It's a type of game I'd buy.  Well done.  Keep up the good work.


Slight problem. When I start the game and begin the tutorial I can get to the point where I construct the bulliten board, but as soon as the dialog is supposed to begin the game stops. The character's still sway and the screen isnt frozen, but the dialog refuses to start so I can't continue the game. Please fix :)

Hey Joey, thanks for letting us know! Does it always break at this point for you, or only sometimes? We've seen this before but have yet to replicate it.


It does this everytime for me. I've tried reinstalling the game and resetting my pc and everything, but I still have the same problem. I'm still going to be a strong supporter of the game, since it looks so cute and fun, but it would be amazing if I was able to play.


Very nice start. The mechanics and managment is simple but fun, very excited to see an update in the future. When i tried to quit it got stuck in a black screen though.

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Its THE game for me, I searched for something to play and found this one and it was so exciting to start playing after I saw some YouTube videos about the game and I was so so sad to find out that all of this is just a demo. This game worth a lot.

But...has to be but cause its a demo, needs to be notification system, I mean like the posting board when a tribal post back or complain I want to see it for example placing big " " on the board or above it.


The only thing I'd ask for is a save feature!!




This game looks absolutely adorable! It's definitely going to be the next one I feature on my channel.


this game has a warm memory in my heart 


I played the demo and totally look forward to the full release. I love the concept, art and controls. It's so artsy and cute. The only thing I could suggest is maybe being able to choose our mask's animal shape. Anyway, great work on this game.


this game looks fun :)


Super cute game, I didn't think this type of game was for me but I was allured by the cuteness and ended up playing as much as I could. Its v good :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Great game dude. I love the work on this game so far and it looks amazing. 

Can't wait to see this game become something of what Stonehearth couldn't be :p Just poking some jabs but none the less, good job.

Few Suggestions: ( If you have not seen them already )

- You should change your Itch.io to a more forum based format, comments boxes like these are usually only good for Game Jams and stuff, forums are so much cleaner and allows for easier suggestions and topics.

Saving of course :p

A quest list, while I do like remembering the information, I think a quest list would help when I am and doing something and I forget a Villager needs an item ( Turns out the Board has it, pointing it out would be nice, though I am an idiot )

Being able to give an item in my inventory directly. For example: I have a clover in my inventory 2, I talk to Jamu and I have inventory 1 selected, the game can't tell I am trying to give him the item, so I would have select inventory 2 and talk to him which then the game knows I am trying to give him an item. Just making it so when its in my inventory and I can give it to him no matter the slot would be a nice Quality of Life feature, sorry if this sounds weird to understand. 

A villagers list with their feelings towards me and other villagers and if they are tired or not. ( Just to know if I can give them a break yet )

Can't wait for more man.


I heard about this game in a server and decided to check it out - I didn't regret it! I can't wait to see more as it progresses! :)


I thought that the game was really adorable and was sad when it ended. I am hoping that more will be added and this sees a full release, because I really enjoyed the game alot. I also included this in my Indie Game Showcase. Here is the gameplay highlight from Indie Game Showcase.


I really like this game, so far! I'd ask for a way to save, but I know you're already aware of that need for players :) I think it'd be interesting if your playable character had a need for food, as well.


A couple of bugs I've personally encountered:
- Sometimes upon booting up, the posts on the bullatin board have no visible text, particularly when posting gossip about the other villagers. The list shows no names but they can still be selected. 
- Villagers with full inventories become "Stuck" if there's nowhere to deposit their supplies.They accept gifts of food but don't eat them and complain they're hungry, while refusing to move or do anything. 

That aside, I completely adore this game so far! I love the concept and I'd love to see where it goes. The AI's are charming (though I feel like them being able to force you out of build mode to talk to you shouldn't be allowed/they should be made to wait) and the art style is adorable!

A little polish and some variety to the hunting mechanic/maybe the threats/sights the villagers mentioning being realized and I think this game can really be something!

Deleted 144 days ago

Hey Yggdrasil! 

We've gotten a couple requests for a save system, so we'll definitely get that in when we can! As for demolishing, we haven't decided yet if we'll have the resources returned or respawned.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!


Incredibly cute and fun! 


Thanks a lot CSpotRun! This video is so funny and cute, we love it!!

(2 edits) (+3)

it would be so cool if there was a first person view and maybe add a render distens :D

it would be cool to have in game settings

maybe a way to give people jobs on the board and know what jobs people are doing.


Hey SpeedRider!

First person mode would definitely be interesting! We're also hoping to add some more settings and customization in the future. Thanks a lot for playing :)


wow this game is so fun i love it.

i like how theres no fighting it a nice and calm game


This game looks really good, especially the npc interactions, though I am wondering if there is a goal in this game besides survival? Maybe their could be a combat mechanic where you delve into dungeons and certain tribe members are better at combat than others. Just a suggestion because even if a game is of the survival genre there has to be goals to keep the game interesting.

Thanks a lot Dokinim! We had some ideas for a main goal, as well as some more side content similar to how you described. Might be a bit before the next update, but if you have anymore suggestions we'd love to hear them!

None of my games are working on here someone help


Got a villager who is extremely rude... is there a way to kick these brats out when they disrespect their all-powerful bunny leader? I tried to kill her, but she gets back up.

Looking forward to future updates!!


Exiling villagers is actually something we wanted, but weren't sure about adding. We'll try give you some options ;)

Thanks IchihashiMaiden!

(1 edit) (+2)

Wonderful to hear! I'm excited to make these masked children kneel before me with my mighty, fearsome power! Mwahahaha~!!

Edit: Naea, I can't wait to kick you out of my village and feed you to the boars. Don't you backsass me.

I haven't played this game, but I can't wait to after reading this.


I cant play it... in order to shoot the bow you need to press both mouse buttons.. im on a laptop! doesn't work.. so sad! was really looking forward to playing this game! it looks so cute!!!

Thanks for letting us know MagicalMidgey! We'll come up with a solution for the next update :)


If this game could have a saving feature it could be amazing!


Thanks Ladeio! Saving is definitely something we have planned coming soon!


Hi, I made the horrible mistake of downloading this adorable gem for free. Is there anywhere I can donate to you? I'd love to support content like this!

Hi contraah!

If I'm not mistaken I think you can click the Download Now button a second time to donate. If not, I also have a patreon linked on my profile!

Thank you so much for the kind words and support! We're very happy you like the game :D


Absolutely love this game! Can't wait for there to be more to play!

Thanks a lot Ariathena!! Glad you enjoyed!

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