Update v0.3

  • Added a save system

You can save your game at any point after completing the tutorial. It can then be loaded from the pause menu, or the main menu. However, you can only have one saved game at at time. You can start a new game, but saving will overwrite your previous save.

The State of Lil Tribals

We're all very excited and appreciative of all the support we've received about Lil Tribals! It's a game that we had fun creating and are very proud of what we created. However, after completing the demo, we all separated due to work. Lil Tribals is a project we can't afford to spend time on at the moment, but we have all agreed that it's one we may return to in the future after seeing how much others have enjoyed it!  A save system is something that's been desired by users for a while, and after reaching 200 itch followers, I wanted to take some time to show my appreciation by releasing an update, as small as it may be. Thanks again!


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Sep 29, 2019

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