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A narrative pirate detective game. Investigate evidence and testimonies on the island to untangle a web of lies!

Pirate Fox Detective
The Case of The Conspicuous Klawz Crew

Felix the Fox, the famed Pirate Detective, is called to the Court Ship to investigate the case of the notorious pirate feline,  Kaptain Klawz' missing eyepatch. He is tasked with investigating Klawz's crew, The Paddling Pirates, in order to get to the bottom of  the mystery surrounding the strange disappearance.

However, something seems off - could the Paddling Pirates be hiding something?


  • 40+ minutes of gameplay
  • A cast of six cute and quirky animal pirates!
  • A narrative timeline to piece together


  • Mouse only - Point, click, and drag!

Vivian Ha - 2D Art
Hei Mong - 3D Art
Jenny Luu - Writing
Nic Phan - Programming
Michael Arcadi - Programming
Jesse Toyota - Programming / Audio

For ages 13+


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This game is so cute! I had a really fun time playing. I can't wait for a sequel!


I would love to see the next part to this! (What a cliffhanger-)


I need to know why Dori  was upset about the wooden leg peg. Or maybe I just missed something. Also, poor Shasha...

Amazing please make sequel!!!!!


Aww this one is cute af


Hmm... white powder... in a bottle... Shasha says vendors use them for drugs... there's a drunkard on the ship... hmmmmm... Grenn's been chugging powdered milk!


Part: 1

Part: 2

Had a blast!!!

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web doesnt work for me :(




This had such a cute style to it. The characters were different from each other personality-wise and I didn't expect how it ended. Great game! 


Really cute game, im a big fan of the art style and i cant wait for a part two so we can solve the big twist! 


I'm...confused, But good game cute and pleasing once you finally figure out wtf to do with dory 6th testimony (at least it was for me)


Really good game, the ending was very unexpected (this is kind of like the comment under this one)


This was a super cute game. I was NOT expecting that ending though.

Can't run the Mac version on current MacOS!


oh my god... THE ENDING

and also I knew it was the -------- who stole it

I suspected Dori for a while

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Wow, what a cute game! Had an excellent experience! 

Are you interested in localizing this game in other languages? I'm volunteering to do the PT-BR translation if you want, I'm a translation student with some pro experience. Brazil is the top 10 ranking consuming games and our people are kinda poor and not everyone can learn english here, and I really think this game deserves our full attention.


what an adorable, cute game! the 2d and 3d elements blended together really well, the story was interesting, and it was really funny. i legit gasped at the end :O

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Wow, thank you for this experience the ending was astounding please continue it πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ 

Ps: I can talk in this one 🀣 Oh and this is part 2 


I'm on a Mac and I can't get the game to run, both on Browser and the app :(


Hi! Depending on the version your Mac is on, this may not run as well as it should. While playing on browser, make sure you have Hardware Acceleration (for Chrome) enabled in the settings.


It is so fun thank you!!! This is part 1 btw Sorry if I messed up your characters and for not being able to speak properly. πŸ˜“ But I promise the second one is better. 


The game is so funny and the characters are so freaking cute!!!! I am hooked if there is going to be a part two of the game :


What a pog game sure the devs are also pog




This is so cute! 

I really enjoyed how user-friendly and sweet the story was. The characters were really quirky too - good job! ☺️

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I love it. The mystery was highly entertaining, the characters were cute, and the 2d and 3d elements were put together nicely. I would actually like to see a sequel of this. This was not a waste of time, 10/10.

(oof i just noticed that when you put the portrait at the end of the game and put it under the magnifying glass it's highly detailed)



[contain spoiler]

Uhm... So what is the point of the bottle ? Or did I miss anything ? And Dori's timetable was written at the last moment-without asking .-. 

Anyway, I like this game :3 and of course, the character, espeacially he fox <3 I like him so much.  Can't wait to your new game!


merch when


Super fun game! Incredibly charming and interesting experience, the mystery and investigating we had to do was thrilling. The story was great and I even screamed out who I thought were the culprits. I was so surprised at who really did it at the end! Overall, really great and would recommend playing.


Such an adorable and polished gamee! I love the characters and the humor of the story. def recommend playing


Incredibly cute and comedic game. Art and character designs are all amazing. Loved every second of it! Would totally play again 10/10


Very cute and well-polished game! Great job!


Such a cute lovable game! Great job with the intriguing story, silly humour and especially the AMAZING ART! 100% recommend playing this